I am a web developer in Orange County, California. I specialize in working on PHP and ASP.NET websites. I have been in the industry for over 12 years working on sites for clients such as Dr Phil, GE, Ryan Seacrest, Larry King, Showtime, and more.

I taught myself to program at the age of twelve for the sole purpose of learning how to hack my friends computers, it was a great goal even though I didn’t get much farther than a DOS attack. It was quite possibly the best move I ever made as it opened the door to computer programming for me, and soon after web development. I enjoy staying on the leading edge of web development and have worked on high scalability systems capable of performing under loads of over 16,000 concurrent users, webservice APIs serving up JSON and XML,  Magento, Drupal, Symfony, Doctrine, and more. Lately I have been diving in to HTML5 and all of the new APIs that it opens up for web development.

Feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch with me.

Brad Donnelly

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