Setting up Sublime Text with LESS compile on save in Windows

Setting up Sublime Text and less autocompile in Windows with the less2css plugin can be tricky because most solutions are geared to *nix. Most solutions I found for this include using a random git repo and executing code from them which I don’t trust. Here are the steps I used: Install node using the Windows installer: Open a command prompt and navigate to the folder that contains node.exe, you chose this when...

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Arduino WiFi Shield and Web Server Tutorial

Introduction I’ve always wanted to extend my web development skills in to the real world. It’s nice to be able to make a useful site, but it doesn’t really change your life for the better when you’re not on a computer. Enter embedded systems, and specifically the Arduino. I’ve been fascinated by embedded systems ever since I was a teenager, but the barriers to entry are high and I focused on other things instead....

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Amazon Autoscaling Tutorial

Amazon’s EC2 with autoscaling is a great way to maximize performance and minimize costs. Unfortunately the amazon autoscaling setup is only configurable via commandline which can make it seem a little daunting at first. Basic autoscaling is very simple, you only need a few items: Launch Config – controls the ami, security group, and instance size Autoscaling Group – controls the region, load balancer to attach to, minimum...

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Throttling bandwidth with OSX

If you’ve ever needed to limit bandwidth on a certain port in OSX you’ll be happy to know that OSX comes with the ipfw firewall of FreeBSD fame. Here’s how to use it to limit bandwidth on a port: Create a pipe: sudo ipfw pipe 1 config bw 50Kbit Attach the pipe to port 80: sudo ipfw add 1 pipe 1 src-port 80 To delete it: sudo ipfw delete 1...

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jQuery Validate – Override default messages

If you need to override the default error messages in the jQuery Validate plugin it’s hard to find the information in the documentation. Depending on which message you want to override the statement will be a variation of jQuery.validator.messages.TypeToChange = ‘whatever’; For example, to change the invalid email message use: = “Invalid Email.”;

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Setting up a NATed VirtualBox FTP and Webserver with ProFTPD

A few quick steps to setting up a NATed VirtualBox FTP and Webserver for development. I’m going to assume you’re using some variant of linux. Install ProFTPD – for debian this would be apt-get install proftpd Add a user using the useradd command. Ex: useradd username -p password -d /apps -s /bin/false Edit the following lines in /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf PassivePorts                  65532 65534 #Change the range as necessary,...

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LaCie 2big Unresponsive/Wont Wake Up – Fix

Just a quick note because I couldn’t find any good answers on other forums. I purchased a LaCie 2big NAS recently and it seemed to have some really killer features such as automatic dynamic dns updates and a built in SFTP server. I immediately noticed one huge problem though, every night the system went in to some kind of dormancy mode that it would never wake up from and became completely unresponsive. If you are experiencing the same...

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Solution: Windows 7 ICS stopped working after a week

I have been sharing my cell phone tether connection for about a week over an ad hoc network and suddenly it stopped working. After banging my head against a wall for about an hour I finally figured out how to fix it and wanted to share. Open Network and Sharing Center Open the adapter that is connected to the internet and find it’s properties panel Go to the sharing tab and disable sharing Apply and close the properties panel Go back to...

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